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2021-03-04Search for Expert - Tender open until March 22, 2021, 12am CET
2021-02-04Review to the Danube Governance Conference 2021
2020-12-08Danube Governance Conference: Towards European integration with the SDGs
2020-10-27Second edition of the NALAS Statistical Brief - Local Government Finance Indicators in South East Europe
2020-10-26BACID partner Respa publishes annual report
2020-09-22BACID Fund: Introducing the grantees from the final Call
2020-09-15NALAS Survey reveals the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic
2020-07-05CAF in Albania
2020-06-21BACID Fund Third Call for Proposals - APPLICATIONS CLOSED
2020-04-15BACID Call for Proposals - APPLICATION OPEN
2020-04-14The Regional Decentralization Observatory (RDO) Index to inform dialogue for decentralization and local government reform in Albania and Georgia
2020-02-24Update: NALAS Regional Decentralisation Observatory
2020-02-17Summary Brief 138th CoR Plenary
2020-01-10BACID Fund: New Projects to be funded
2020-01-08Policy Paper on Sound Public Management
2019-11-05Workshop on Sound Local Public Management in Vienna
2019-09-10BACID Fund: Second Call for Proposals was a big success
2019-07-22BACID Call for Proposals: DEADLINE EXTENDED
2019-06-20Can CAF contribute to improve the Justice System in Bosnia Herzegovina?
2019-06-05Serbia and ReSPA got observer in the European CAF-Correspondents Group
2019-06-02BACID Call for Proposals: APPLICATION OPEN
2019-03-03The new BACID-Newsletter 01/2019 is online
2019-02-28BACID Fund: First call for proposals
2019-02-25Disregard of Local Governments in the Regional Economic Area (REA) of the Western Balkans
2019-01-29The new CAF-Newsletter of the EU-CAF-Centre is informing about BACID-activities!
2018-12-13Cooperation with ReSPA
2018-12-12European CAF Experts Group Meeting
2018-10-04Memorandum of Understanding with Civil Service Agency FBiH
2018-10-04WeBER- Civil Society and PAR
2018-10-04CEMR Strategy 2019
2018-09-18CAF Training in the Civil Service Agency of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegowina
2018-07-27Workshop on CAF Action Plan of ReSPA
2018-07-19BACID II starts now - Newsletter 3/2018
2018-07-06Cooperation for better results - stressed in the international conference on development cooperation
2018-06-22Videos from Regional Conference "Unlocking Benefits of Public Participation" in Vienna, June 11th 2018
2018-06-11June 11th 2018 Conference "Unlocking Benefits of PUBLIC PARTICIPATION in decision-making", Vienna City Hall
2018-05-13NEWS FROM PARTNERS: Central European Initiative launches the call Cooperation Fund 2018
2018-04-28NEWS FROM PARTNERS: NALAS organised first dialogue on SDGs Agenda2030 between municipalities, Local Government Associations and Civil Society Organisations in the Western Balkans.
2018-04-27The newly-established ReSPA Advisory Board had its inauguration meeting
2018-04-27NEWS FROM PARTNERS: Important messages on the role of local governments and their Associations by Commissioner Hahn and the Committee of the Regions
2018-04-16Presentation of the book "The Future of Europe" at Meeting of General Secretaries of CEMR
2018-03-19NEWS FROM PARTNERS: Request for European municipal expertise in Burkina Faso and Uganda
2018-03-02NEWS FROM PARTNERS: 4th Call for proposals for the implementation of the RCC’s Grant Work Programme
2018-02-28Sustainable Development Goals in Austrian Cities
2018-02-19NEWS FROM PARTNERS: CfA short-term consultant to develop a financial model for social services in Kosovo
2018-02-18BACID supports NALAS to present its key priorities during EU enlargement process to the CIVEX Commission of the Committee of the Region
2018-01-31NEW in 2018: Subscribe to the BACID Newsletter!
2018-01-30The BACID Team wishes you HAPPY NEW 2018!
2017-12-31Improving Governance Together with 100 participants at the Danube Governance Forum