Workshop on Sound Local Public Management in Vienna


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In order to provide inspiring practices as well as presenting efficient tools summarized in a Sound Local Public Management White Paper, the upcoming workshop organised by KDZ in cooperation with EU Strategy for the Danube Region/Priority Area 10 will assess the status quo within the Danube Region as well as provide recommendations and eventually solutions for policy makers to improve the situation for local authorities and of course the local population.

The “White Paper on Sound Local Public Management” has been provided in a draft version.

The workshop is co-located with the event “Digital Days 2019” In the sesssion "INTERNATIONAL.DigitalCity.Wien" (15:00 - 16:30) CIOs from cities will discuss digitalisation topics. Workshop participants are invited to join other sessions at "Digital Days 2019" (also on Monday).

Furhther information an registration for the workshop is possible at:

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