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BACID Fund: New Projects to be funded


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The second Call for Proposals under the BACID Fund has again been a great success! Out of the 30 high quality applications 10 projects focusing on bringing the SDGs to a local level were selected for funding, with a total budget of almost 67,000 euros. These are the Grantees:

  • LIR Evolution with TU Wien as partner: SUSTRAIN - SUSTainable urban tRansport best prActices sharing in Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Municipality of Tirana with Urban Innovation Vienna as partner: Smart Projects for Smarter Cities in Albania
  • Wonderland - platform for european architecture with Environmental and Territorial Management Institute as partner: "Inclusive Cities for Local Communities: Revitalizing the vacant spaces in Lezha" in Albania
  • Pulswerk with City of Bijeljina as partner: Paving the way for the Bijeljina Festival - the first Green Event in the region in Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • Eutropian with Let's do it Peja as partner: LET’S DO IT - IDEAS FOR THE TOURISM MOBILITY PLAN in Kosovo
  • SA Consulting with Zlatibor Regional Development Agency as partner: Communal Waste Management in the Zlatibor Region in Serbia
  • Moldovan-German Forum with Institut für den Donauraum und Mitteleuropa as partner: Developing the rule of law and strengthening anti-corruption measures in the sector of public procurement in the Republic of Moldova
  • EuroVienna with Vizion, Naturfreunde, Municipality Permet and Municipality Kruje as partners: Sustainable Tourism Development in Albania, Kruja Region for historical and nature tourism in Albania
  • SIA Social Impact Award with Mozaik Fondacija as partner: Increasing the capacities of CSOs and Companies to support Social Entrepreneurs in Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • CONCORDIA Sozialprojekte with the Department of social assistance and family protection of Cantemir and Taraclia as partners: CONNECT - Create networks of support to strengthen families and prevent child abandonment in the Republic of Moldova - an adaptation of the successful model of Frühe Hilfen in Austria

The next Call is planned for the second quarter of this year. Stay tuned!