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Danube Governance Forum - Improving Governance Together, December 4, 2017, Vienna

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Speakers List

Here you can download the Speakers list.

Introduction to Panels

Here you can download the Introductory Information about panel discussions.


Open Dialogue 1: Sustainable Reform of Public Administration

Open Dialogue 2: Strengthening of Local Governments in EU Perspective

Photo gallery of the Governance Forum 2017

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About the Forum

The Danube Governance Forum: Improving Governance Together in the Western Balkans and the Danube Region is the final event of the programme Capacity Building of the countries in the Western Balkans and the Republic of Moldova*) (BACID), funded by the Austrian Development Agency and implemented by the Austrian Association of Cities and Towns and KDZ-Centre for Public Administration Research.

At this occasion we would like to gather stakeholders with whom we have been cooperating in the past years to discuss the topics identified as priorities in improving governance of the countries in the Region on the way to the European Union, while promoting the cooperation of the public sector – national and local institutions – with civil society, science and the business sector. Besides ministries, local governments, NGOs and other organisations from the Western Balkans, the event will bring together our partner public institutions and private organisations from the whole Danube Region, as well as representatives of the EU and international organisations that are supporting European integration and public administration reforms in the Western Balkans and the Republic of Moldova.

Our partners are invited to present their challenges and achievements and discuss possible solutions to be further developed through future Danube Governance Hub activities.

Thus the Forum will focus on:

  • improving the Capacity of Public Administration within the Danube Governance Hub
  • enabling Local Governments to fulfil EU-standards and deliver better services

During the three years of the BACID implementation we have been contributing to these goals through hands-on support to the partners from the Region and know-how exchange, while making synergies with other actions. As a result, we have developed a database of governance tools used in the Region in public administration reforms to be further assessed, revised and harmonized under the Danube Governance Hub. On the other side, we have elaborated a series of guidelines and publications in order to support local governments during their preparations for EU accession, among which the Guide for local governments gathers experiences of Austrian and local governments from the Region in the field of municipal finances, municipal services, EU integration and use of EU funds.

The existing materials and collected experiences shall serve as basis for the Forum discussions that will take place in the setting of open dialogues with all stakeholders aimed at giving directions to further Danube Governance Hub activities.

*) The Region of the Western Balkans and the Republic of Moldova includes Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Srpska) and Moldova

Objectives and results

The objective of the Forum is to agree on the priorities in improving governance of the countries in the Region on their way to the European Union, while promoting the cooperation of the public sector – national and local institutions – with civil society, science and the business sector. The expected results of the Forum are prioritized success factors and determined common next steps in modernisation of public administration in the Region.

Methodology :: Target group

  • Open dialogue with round tables

The Forum is divided into two consecutive sessions, with parallel discussions around four tables at each session. The topics to be discussed are identified as the most important by the beneficiaries of the implemented BACID activities. Each table has moderator and several panellists, with other participants around the table joining the discussion. The panellists will be invited to share their thoughts on two main questions in order to identify necessary factors for achieving success in the field and further steps that could be assisted through the Danube Governance Hub. The interventions of panellists will serve as basis for further exchange of experiences and discussion among participants. The results of the discussion will be noted by the moderators on pin-boards, to be further assessed by all participants.

  • Summing up of the results and prioritization

After the table discussions, the participants will be invited to make a round and prioritize the content presented on the pin-boards. The final results will be presented at plenary and addressed through future activities of the Danube Governance Hub.

  • Market place

The participants are encouraged to promote their projects and/or organisations via presentations, posters, printed materials, interactive presentations or other media at the market place in the foyer.

  • Target group

The Forum is primarily targeting civil servants, representatives of public institutions and local governments from the Western Balkans and Moldova, civil society organisations, local government associations, regional networks such as ReSPA and NALAS, Austrian organisations, as well as businesses and science sector.


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