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Start: 2.04.2024 Registration deadline: 18.03.2024

Do you know how to obtain EU funds for your idea successfully? Do you have to manage ongoing EU projects? If you are interested in EU project management, from shaping the idea to identifying the right EU program, to designing and implementing an EU (co-)financed project and you would like to gain profound experience in this field, this certified online program is your best choice.

You will study how to manage EU projects throughout the entire cycle: from searching for relevant EU funding programs, grant application writing, planning an integrated project handbook to monitoring and managing EU projects. After successful completion, you are able to develop innovative EU projects independently and fully take on the responsibilities of a project manager, project controller or facilitator for EU projects.

This Certified Program (20 ECTS) includes 4 modules with 11 seminars and is offered part-time by the Campus Wien Academy, a division of the University of Applied Life Sciences FH Campus Wien in Vienna, Austria.

Cooperation partners

EuroVienna, KDZ – Zentrum für Verwaltungsforschung, FH Campus Wien – University of Applied Sciences.

The program structure

Module 1: Preparing for EU Projects (4 ECTS) Seminar 1.1: EU Policies – Why does the EU (co-)finance projects and investments? Seminar 1.2: EU Funding Structures – How does the EU (co)finance projects and investments? Seminar 1.3: Project Development – How to develop an idea into a project

Module 2: Grant Application Writing (5 ECTS) Seminar 2.1: Grant Application Writing – Basics Seminar 2.2: Grant Application Writing - Advanced

Module 3: Managing EU Projects (5 ECTS) Seminar 3.1: Legal EU Project Management Requirements Seminar 3.2: Financial Reports and Progress Reports – How to set up reports effectively Seminar 3.3: Project Monitoring and Risk Management – How to set up monitoring Seminar 3.4: Project Visibility & Dissemination – How to publicize the project (results)

Module 4: Apply and consolidate (6 ECTS) Seminar 4.1: Project Selection Committee Simulation Seminar 4.2: Applied and Reflected Knowledge

Dates: 2., 15., 16., 29., 30. April 2024, each from 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. 13., 14., 27., 28. May 2024, each from 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. 10., 11. June 2024, each from 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

Program Completion

Students must submit a written thesis of 20 – 30 pages (around 7,000 words), which may also be done in small groups. Additionally, an oral presentation has to be given.

Upon successful completion, students will receive the title „Certified EU Project Manager” (20 ECTS), Campus Wien Academy and FH Campus Wien, University of Applied Sciences.

Your benefits

You will increase your chances of receiving EU funds for your ideas and projects. You will develop innovative EU projects. You will assume the responsibilities of a project manager, project controller or facilitator for EU projects. You will apply your acquired skills in your ongoing projects and steer them successfully. You will engage in and benefit from professional exchange with experts.

Upon graduation, you will be able to

  • develop an EU project out of a need independently and ultimately responsible in your position as project manager, project controller or facilitator for EU projects.
  • complete EU project application forms in a professional way with expert knowledge about the meaning of questions in the context of EU funding.
  • choose the appropriate funding program and apply a grant application independently.
  • formulate an EU project proposal independently on basis of all knowledge, skills and competences, which you aquired in this program, and on basis of relevant methods and specialist literature.
  • reflect on the improvement of your own competences because of this program.
  • manage EU projects including effective monitoring and reporting independently and ultimately responsible.
  • design strategies for project crisis and mitigation measures as well as to elaborate a visibility and dissemination plan for the project.

Teaching and learning methods

The following teaching and learning methods will be used: live online classes, flipped classroom, blended learning, presentations, e-learning, Moodle platform.

Director of the Certified Program: Dr. Friedrich Stanzel

Dr. Friedrich Stanzel is Head of the Department Administration, Economics, Security, Politics and of the Bachelor's degree program Tax Management as well as the Master's degree program Tax Management at the FH Campus Wien, University of applied sciences.


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