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Overview of LOGON Danube

Together with the Governance Forums organised within the second BACID programme component, programme component LOGON Danube supports networking in the region and build regional partnership in the EU integration process, using the experience of LOGON project implemented by AACT and KDZ in 1998-2005 as assistance to local governments of EU candidate countries at that time. This component is based on the cooperation with NALAS - Network of Associations of Local Authorities of South-East Europe that gathers local government associations (LGAs) of the region, including all BACID programme target countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo). The following activities will be implemented within this component: - Elaboration of NALAS EU Integration Roadmap - Elaboration of Guidelines on the role of NALAS and LGAs in programming of EU funds - Expert support to NALAS Task Forces on implementation of EU policies at local level - Elaboration of recommendations on establishment of EU related bodies within LGAs

More information available at: the page: Good Practices LOGON Danube.




Good PracticeCoordinatesTopicThemeCountry
Building administrative capacities in Serbia with focus on IPARD and other EU funds45° 16' 1.69" N, 19° 50' 0.78" ESustainable City - Capacity building – human resourcesSustainable CitySerbia
Community TV goes Bosnia and Herzegovina43° 51' 22.53" N, 18° 24' 47.07" EInclusive City - Civil society participationInclusive CityBosnia and Hercegovina - Federation BiH
Creating preconditions for better HR policy framework in local government units in the Federation of BH43° 51' 22.53" N, 18° 24' 47.07" ESustainable City - Capacity building – human resourcesSustainable CityBosnia and Hercegovina - Federation BiH
Creation and Institutionalization of Youth' Council in Kamez Municipality " (Albania): "Deliberative youth"41° 22' 42.21" N, 19° 46' 37.29" EInclusive City - Youth policiesInclusive CityAlbania
Danube Governance Forum - Improving Governance Together48° 12' 7.45" N, 16° 21' 47.84" EEU IntegrationsEU IntegrationsThe whole region
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