Governance Forum December 2016

Name Governance Forum December 2016
Country The whole region
Programme Component Danube Governance Hub
Year 2016
Priority Theme EU Integrations
Topic EU Integrations
Implementing Organisations KDZ and AACT
Partner Organisations Council of Europe and ReSPA
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Governance Forum December 2016

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Objectives and results

The purpose of the workshop was to present the quality management tools developed by the Council of Europe and Common Assessment Framework (CAF) as the European tool for quality management in public administration, in order to explore the possibilities for their use in the region and discuss the current needs of the participants representing the national institutions from the region.
The event is integrated in the Danube Governance Hub initiative as the platform for exchange on public administration reforms among various stakeholders.

Implemented activities

1. Workshop on Tools for Better Public Governance held on 6-7 December 2016 in Vienna, with 39 participants
2. Working meetings with CoE and Respa staff to plan further cooperation within the Danube Governance Hub

Available materials

Danube Governance Hub (DGH): An Initiative for Better Governance in the Danube Region
EU Danube Strategy: Contribution of PA10 to the Danube Governance Hub
Council of Europe Policy on Good Governance
The European Strategy for Innovation and Good Governance and the European Label of Governance Excellence (ELoGE)
ELoGE Benchmark
Case Study of ELoGE use in Bulgaria
Common Assessment Framework (CAF) as European Quality Management tool for public administration
Case Study of CAF Use in the Austrian Ministry of Finance
Case Study of CAF Use in Slovakia

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How can DGH help in improving public administration in the region
Inputs for way forward

Further information and contact

Thomas Prorok
Head of the CAF-Center Austria
phone: +43 1 892349218 - -

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