Zlabitor Waste Management Project

Name Zlabitor Waste Management Project
Country Serbia
Programme Component BACID Fund Call 2 (2019)
Year 2020
Priority Theme Sustainable Development Goals"Sustainable Development Goals" is not in the list (EU Integrations, Sustainable City, Smart City, Inclusive City, Quality Management, Public Administration Reform, Digitalisation, Decentralisation) of allowed values for the "Priority Theme" property.
Topic Environmental protection
Implementing Organisations SA Consulting GmbH, Franziskanerplatz 3, 1010 Vienna, Austria
Partner Organisations Regional Development Agency Zlatibor, Petra Celovica, Uzice, Serbia
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Zlabitor Waste Management Project

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Project description

Communal Waste Management in the Zlatibor Region



Objectives and results

Actual Waste Management situation and Transfer Station concept considering Duboko as main hub for Waste management in the Region

Implemented activities

Update on actual waste management situation in the Zlatibor Region; 3 days event on waste management held; work with stakeholders on improvements incl. transfer station concept for the Region

Available materials

Report on Waste Management in the Zlatibor Region

Further information and contact

Mag. Gerhard Sabathiel, SA Consulting GmbH

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