Welness Destination Improvement in Laktasi

Name Welness Destination Improvement in Laktasi
Country Bosnia and Hercegovina - Republic of Srpska
Programme Component BACID Fund Call 2 (2015)
Year 2016
Priority Theme Sustainable City
Topic Sustainable City - Tourism
Implementing Organisations CHC - Christian Husak Consulting
Partner Organisations Municipality of Laktasi
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Objectives and results

The main objective is to improve quality of regional health and wellness tourism offerings, which is a major part of regional economy of Laktaši.
The expected result is: quality improvement of local/regional health and wellness tourism offerings.

Implemented activities

1: Start workshop with target groups (wellness managers, hotel managers, regional development managers, etc.) to inform about project ideas, project steps, monitoring system
2: Development of the methodology -adapation to local requirements
3: Planning phase: meetings, workpackages, responsibilities etc.
4: Elaboration of the Improvement plan
5: Project closure and lessons learned

Available materials

Further information and contact

Christian Husak
CHC - Christian Husak Consulting
email. mailto:office@husak.at

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