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Tool:Parliaments and the Sustainable Development Goals A self-assessment toolkit


The purpose of this self-assessment toolkit is to assist parliaments and their members to: assess their preparedness to engage with the SDGs; identify additional strategies, mechanisms and partnerships to support implementation of the SDGs more effectively. The toolkit is designed to enable parliamentarians to identify good practices, gaps, opportunities and lessons learned. That will equip parliamentarians to effectively institutionalize the new agenda and mainstream the various goals into the legislative process. The toolkit is not prescriptive. It has been designed to be relevant to all parliaments, whatever their political system and stage of development. Source:

Tool details

Name Parliaments and the Sustainable Development Goals A self-assessment toolkit
Type Assessment
Tool topic Performance management, Sustainable development, Policy-making & Strategy
Keywords Sustainable Development SDG, parlamentary
Institution Inter-Parliamentary Union, UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)
Year 2016
Target group national
Related File sdg parliaments toolkit en.pdf
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