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Tool:Open Government Data: Towards Empirical Analysis of Open Government Data Initiatives


OECD Working Papers on Public Governance No. 22: This paper highlights the main principles, concepts and criteria framing open government data initiatives and the issues challenging their implementation. It underlines the opportunities that OGD and data analytics may offer policy makers, while providing a note of caution on the challenges this agenda poses for the public sector. Finally, the overall analysis of key concepts and issues aims to pave the way for an empirical analysis of OGD initiatives. So far, little has been done to analyse and prove the impact and accrued value of these initiatives. The paper suggests a methodology comprising an analytical framework for OGD initiatives (to be applied to ex post and ex ante analysis of initiatives) and a related set of data to be collected across OECD countries. The application of the analytical framework and the collection of data would enable the acquisition of a solid body of evidence that could ultimately lead to mapping initiatives across OECD countries (i.e. a typography of initiatives) and developing a common set of metrics to consistently assess impact and value creation within and across countries. Source: 5k46bj4f03s7-en

Tool details

Name Open Government Data: Towards Empirical Analysis of Open Government Data Initiatives
Type Guideline, Assessment
Tool topic Open Government, Performance management
Keywords Open Government Data, Analysis, value creation, public sector, challenges, legal
Institution OECD
Department Directorate for Public Governance
Year 2013
Target group national
Related File 5k46bj4f03s7-en.pdf
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