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Tool:Mapping of Current Initiatives on Public Procurement Assessments


The mapping document comprises: A brief description of some 30 key initiatives and tools on public procurement assessments; A matrix highlighting the main characteristics of these initiatives to facilitate future reference in conducting more substantive technical work (Annex I). Source: D0MnUAhWKvRoKHU6fC4E4ChAWCAgwAg&client=internal-uds-cse&usg=AFQjCNE5CJPe3HB2szEyEDLVzRYNNgTG1w

Tool details

Name Mapping of Current Initiatives on Public Procurement Assessments
Type Guideline, Assessment
Tool topic Public procurement, Financial management, Organsation & Development
Keywords international Initiatives, international tools, Toolbox, Procurement, Assessment, developing countries, MAPS, PEFA, ISPMS, SPP, CPAR, SORT
Institution OECD
Department Public Procurement Toolbos
Year 2015
Target group national
Related File mapping-assessments-methods-formatted.pdf
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