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Tool:Managing Public Investment at municipal level - A Manual for Officials


The manual is based on general theoretical knowledge, European practice and on the current Georgian legislation and situation in three core areas of training – public procurement, programme budgeting and investing. The manual can be used as part of their professional development strategy by all local governments in Georgia, as the principal beneficiaries of the Project, but also public officials representing all other public authorities in Georgia, and by any other person interested in the topics included. Source: details.php?p id=176&pg=7

Tool details

Name Managing Public Investment at municipal level - A Manual for Officials
Type Guideline, Assessment
Tool topic Financial management, Policy-making & Strategy, Public procurement
Keywords Public investment, municipal, Programme Performance Budgeting, Economic, Feasibility, legal, politiclal
Institution NISPAcee (The Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Eastern and Central Europe)
Department National Association of Local Authorities of Georgia, Slovak Aid
Year 2012
Target group local
Related File gruzinsky-manual-14.pdf
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