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Tool:International Drivers of Corruption A TOOL FOR ANALYSIS


Corruption and other governance problems result primarily from processes generated within the domestic political economy. There are major international factors, however, that interact with domestic processes: international drivers of corruption. This report introduces an analytical tool intended to help users understand how factors in the global economy and international relations affect governance and corruption at the country level. It provides a means for identifying those factors that matter most for domestic governance, as well as opportunities for international actors to work more effectively to improve governance in specific country contexts. Source: 9789264167513-en

Tool details

Name International Drivers of Corruption A TOOL FOR ANALYSIS
Type Guideline
Tool topic Policy-making & Strategy, Ethical values and anti-corruption
Keywords effects of international drivers, case studies, corruption, effective institutions, examples of international policies, shadow economy, legitimacy, corrupt practices, development agencies, tax cooperation, international trade, security
Institution OECD
Year 2012
Target group national
Related File 49263997.pdf
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