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Tool:Inter-municipal cooperation Introduction Guide to the VNG International Approach to a Successful IMC


The contribution of this toolkit: Municipal plans and strategies tend to have too broad and unspecific goals. They tend to focus on ‘what’ the municipality wishes to achieve, but at the same time provide little detail on ‘how’ to achieve this. In fact, many strategies are never being implemented at all. This toolkit will therefore pay special attention to practical aspects of strategy delivery. Besides, this toolkit will outline some project management issues, and highlight the need for self-reflection and capacity building, starting within the municipal organisation, and extending to all stakeholders. This is important since municipalities often get disappointed with the outcomes of the municipal strategy because they lack experience and knowledge in project management. Moreover, this toolkit emphasises the significance of an integrated approach and the importance of partnership building. The integrated approach means that the strategy needs to consider the coordination and cooperation of all sectors and reted institutions, departments, and other relevant organisations, often beyond. This toolkit presents the step-by-step approach VNG International has developed over the years in various projects, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe. Its final objective being the creation of fully operational one stop desks wherever these may be needed. This site gathers and organizes PPP toolkits for easy access by interested parties. These toolkits gather together checklists, guidelines and resources for different types of projects. Source:

Tool details

Name Inter-municipal cooperation Introduction Guide to the VNG International Approach to a Successful IMC
Type Guideline, Assessment
Tool topic Cooperation, Policy-making & Strategy, Performance management
Keywords Cooperation (IMC), Cross-Border Corporation, CBC, Accountability, outsourcing
Institution VNG International
Year 2010
Target group local
Related File IMC_EN.pdf
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