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Tool:Implementing Smart Specialisation Strategies: A Handbook


Drawing on empirical evidence, "Implementing Smart Specialisation Strategies: A Handbook" is targeted at policy-makers and regional development professionals who are crafting their innovation policy according to a common set of principles and methodologies. The handbook aims at taking stock of the Smart Specialisation experience and presenting its current state of the art, both in terms of conceptual developments and practical implementation. It addresses five key milestones of the implementation process: Source:

Tool details

Name Implementing Smart Specialisation Strategies: A Handbook
Type Guideline
Tool topic Innovation and research, Sustainable development
Keywords strategy implementation, Good governance, Transnational cooperation, CLEIA, Governance and Public Involvement in EIA, PMGSY Roads, local environment
Institution European Commission
Department GROWTH Internal Markets, Industries, Entrepreneurship and SMEs
Year 2016
Target group regional
Related File Implementing Smart Specialisation Strategies A Handbook.pdf
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