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Tool:IMC – Inter-municipal Cooperation (Toolkit Manual)


Inter-municipal cooperation is inherent in a decentralised territorial administrative system and is defined as when two or more municipalities agree to work together on any of the tasks assigned to them in order to gain mutual benefits. This toolkit presents templates and frameworks to take municipalities through each step of the process to create, establish, implement and evaluate IMC. The first Toolkit on this subject, the Inter-Municipal Cooperation or IMC1 appeared in 2010 and focused on cooperation between the , in order to improve public services. Source:

Tool details

Name IMC – Inter-municipal Cooperation (Toolkit Manual)
Type Guideline
Tool topic Cooperation, Financial management, Policy-making & Strategy
Keywords Inter-municipal Cooperation, definition, steps, Creating an IMC-friendly environment, initiating, financing and implementing IMC, legals forms…
Institution Council of Europe, UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), Local Government and Public Service Reform Initiative
Year 2010
Target group local
Related File IMC.doc
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