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Tool:Gender Responsive National Communications Toolkit


This toolkit is designed to strengthen the capacity of national government staff and assist them in integrating gender equality into the development of National Communications (NCs). It is recognized that NC reporting processes can be a meaningful entry point for training, awareness-raising and capacity-building efforts. Preparation of reports can also influence other, ongoing climate change planning and policymaking processes. As such, the toolkit can support Biennial Update Reports and planning documents such as National Adaptation Plans (NAPs), and inform the development and/or implementation of Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs), national and sectoral Gender and Climate Change Plans, and the strategic plans of individual government agencies. This toolkit can also inform sector policies related to both social and natural resource issues. Source:

Tool details

Name Gender Responsive National Communications Toolkit
Type Guideline
Tool topic Ethical values and anti-corruption, Communication, Sustainable development
Keywords gender roles, climate change, national communications, migration, Agent-based Modelling, ABM, Foresight Applications, Delphi Method, Cross-impact analysis, TRIZ, Theory of Inventive Problem Solving
Institution UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)
Department UNDP–UNEP Global Support Programme for Preparation of National Communications and Biennial Update Reports; Gef; Ministry for foreign Affairs of Finland; Global Gender and Climate Alliance
Year 2015
Target group national
Related File UNDP Gender Responsive National Communications Toolkit.pdf
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