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Tool:Fraud Risk Assessment and Effective and Proportionate Anti-Fraud Measures


Therefore, the fraud risk self-assessment tool which is attached to this guidance note, together with detailed instructions, can be used to assess the impact and likelihood of common fraud risks occurring. Secondly, the guidance indicates the recommended mitigating controls which could help further reduce any remaining risks, not yet effectively addressed by current controls. Source: policy/en/information/publications/guidelines/2014/fraud-risk-assessment-and-effective-and-proportionate-anti-fraud-measures

Tool details

Name Fraud Risk Assessment and Effective and Proportionate Anti-Fraud Measures
Type Guideline, Assessment
Tool topic Ethical values and anti-corruption, Policy-making & Strategy, Organsation & Development
Keywords anti-fraud policy and measures, risk assessment, effective insitutions, bribes, conflict of interests, templates, action plan, controls
Institution European Commission
Year 2014
Target group national
Related File guidance_fraud_risk_assessment.pdf; guidance_fraud_risk_assessment_annex1.pdf; guidance_fraud_risk_assessment_annex_tool.xlsx; guidance_fraud_risk_assessment_annex2.pdf; guidance_fraud_risk_assessment_annex3.pdf; guidance_fraud_risk_assessment_annex4.pdf
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