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Tool:ELoGE – European Label of Governance Excellence


Benchmarking of the 12 Principles of innovation and good democratic governance allows to identify municipalities which are the closest to respecting all (or most) of the principles, and therefore are eligible for receiving the ELoGE –European Label of Governance’ Excellence. Any association or institution which has relevant authority and capacity, may apply for the ELoGE accreditation at the Council of Europe, in order to be able to award the Label. Source:

Tool details

Name ELoGE – European Label of Governance Excellence
Type Assessment
Tool topic Policy-making & Strategy, Performance management
Keywords Self Assessment, Benchmarking, Maturity Matrix, municipal, citizen, capability, financial, management, Human Rights, Cultural Diversity, Ethical Conduct, principles
Institution Council of Europe
Year ??"??" is not a number.
Target group local
Related File Good.pdf
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