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Tool:Corporate Social Responsibility Hub - Tools


This guide builds on research that the Effective Institutions Platform has undertaken on the process of peer learning, otherwise termed practitioner to practitioner learning. The research reflects on the experience of organisations which facilitate peer learning engagement and the experience of peer learners themselves. The guide outlines the concepts and principles underpinning peer learning and is intended to support actors engaged in peer engagement activities to maximise the outcomes of such processes. This guide has been written for use by both groups—facilitators and peer learners. Source:

Tool details

Name Corporate Social Responsibility Hub - Tools
Type Assessment
Tool topic Performance management, Business environment, Ethical values and anti-corruption
Keywords Corporate Social Responsibility, Peer-to-Peer Learning, peer engagement, Targeting peers, technical skills, flexibility, political savvy, constructive subversion, Risk Management, tools
Institution Irish Department of Jobs and Enterprise and Innovation
Department CSR Good for business good for all
Year 2016
Target group national, regional, local
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