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Tool:City-To-City Cooperation Toolkit


The new Toolkit on City-to-City Cooperation, or C2C, is an additional contribution of the Council of Europe (CoE) Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform to proposing practical solutions for cooperation between municipalities. The first Toolkit on this subject, the Inter-Municipal Cooperation or IMC1 appeared in 2010 and focused on cooperation between the municipalities of the same area in the same country, in order to improve public services. The second Toolkit, on Cross-Border Cooperation was published in 2012 – it proposed practical guidance on cooperation between the municipalities, which share a border between the countries. The C2C Toolkit of 2015 takes this cooperation into the next level – the municipalities can establish direct and successful cooperation, even though they are situated in different countries, which do not share the same border. Source:

Tool details

Name City-To-City Cooperation Toolkit
Type Guideline
Tool topic Cooperation
Keywords City-to-City- Cooperation, toolkit, definition, steps, Creating an cooperation-friendly environment, initiating, financing and implementing C2CC, legals forms…
Institution Council of Europe, ISIG (Institute of International Sociology Gorizia)
Department Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform
Year 2015
Target group local
Related File 20150526_Toolkit_C2C.pdf
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