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Tool:Citizen report card learning toolkit


The Citizen Report Card (CRC) is a simple but powerful tool to provide public agencies with systematic feedback from users of public services. By collecting feedback on the quality and adequacy of public services from actual users, CRC provides a rigorous basis and a proactive agenda for communities, civil society organization or local governments to engage in a dialogue with service providers to improve the delivery of public services. This self-learning course is designed to help users develop the basic knowledge and skills to implement Citizen Report Cards (CRCs). Source:

Tool details

Name Citizen report card learning toolkit
Type Guideline
Tool topic Quality management & Citizen orientation
Keywords Citizen Report Card, CPC, e-learning toolkit, Survey, Desiugn
Institution Asian Development Bank (ADB), Public Affairs Centre (PAC)
Year 2007
Target group local
Related File manual.pdf
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