Sustainable Development Strategy Gramsh

Name Sustainable Development Strategy Gramsh
Country Albania
Programme Component BACID Fund Call 3 (2020)
Year 2021
Priority Theme Sustainable Development Goals"Sustainable Development Goals" is not in the list (EU Integrations, Sustainable City, Smart City, Inclusive City, Quality Management, Public Administration Reform, Digitalisation, Decentralisation) of allowed values for the "Priority Theme" property.
Topic Economic and social development
Implementing Organisations Austria, MMCI e.U.
Partner Organisations ACECon e.U., Austria; Milieukontakt, Albania; Municipality of Gramsh, Albania
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Project description

Development of a sustainability vision and strategy for the municipality of Gramsh/Albania and the region including an executable activity plan.



Objectives and results

- Vision of Gramsh municipality
- Sustainable Development Strategy
- Sustainablity team in the administration of the municipality of Gramsh
- Integrated action plan for Gramsh region
- First dissemination material of sustainable development strategy

Implemented activities

  • 11 Online meetings were carried out to develop and implement sustainablity strategy; Due to COVID 19 pandemy no physical meeting or events could be carried out.
  • Coaching with municipal staff on screening of the strategic documents, monitoring and preparing a communication strategy for different stakeholders.

Available materials

Gramsh Sustainability Strategy
Flyer Gramsh

Further information and contact

Due to COVID essential activities could not be carried out but will be followed up after situation improves.
The strategy development and its implementation is a still ongoing process, which is supported by the local partner in Albania.

Contact: MMCI e.U., Markus Möller
Stattegger Straße 60, 8045 Graz, Austria
Phone: +43 676 6144995

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