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Social Entrepreneurship (SE)

Name Social Entrepreneurship (SE)
Country Serbia
Programme Component BACID Fund Call 1 (2018)
Year 2019
Priority Theme Sustainable Development Goals"Sustainable Development Goals" is not in the list (EU Integrations, Sustainable City, Smart City, Inclusive City, Quality Management, Public Administration Reform, Digitalisation, Decentralisation) of allowed values for the "Priority Theme" property.
Topic Economic and social development
Implementing Organisations Cluster of Social Entrepreneurship in Vojvodina, Koci Ivana 2, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia
Partner Organisations GmbH, Schönbrunner Straße 218-220, 1120 Wien, Austria
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Social Entrepreneurship (SE)

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Project description

The project will elaborate an excellent model for Social Entrepreneurship in Novi Sad / Republic of Serbia. Based on a study covering current situation concerning Social Entrepreneurship in European Union, Austria and Serbia, which the project partners will be creating, they will recommend an excellent model for Social Entrepreneurship in Serbia, which takes the current situation in Serbia and in the EU and Austria, as more developed environments, into consideration. Based on best practice of EU and Austria, strategies and development plans of the EU, contacts and know-how transfers with relevant stakeholders, the new excellent model will help Novi Sad / Republic of Serbia to improve the Situation of Social Entrepreneurship in the city of Novi Sad and in Serbia. The project is also the basis of the further co-operation of the project partners concerning transnational projects.



Objectives and results

Defining and creating a model of social entrepreneurship that is competitive and innovative.
Improve social inclusion and employment of vulnerable groups especially people with disabilities.

Created study with defined model of excellence of social entrepreneurship (social inclusion, environmental protection, alternative energy sources)
Presented and adapted to the level of Vojvodina at least one model of excellence of social entrepreneurship from Austria

Implemented activities

Act. 1: Define the team and tasks within the project team.
Act. 2: Analyzing the state of social entrepreneurship in Vojvodina and city of Novi Sad the focus on people with disabilities and company for employment of people with disability
Act 3: Analysis and definition of social entrepreneurship and examples of good practice at the level of the European Union
Act 4: Search organizations that combine social inclusion, environmental protection and green energy in Austria and organize analysis.
Act 5: Defining important elements for establishing and developing models of excellence in social entrepreneurship.
Act 6: Providing recommendations and guidelines for the purpose of realistic opportunities and needs of models of excellence in social entrepreneurship, through the establishment of an inclusive company with a model of excellence.
Act 7: Creating a study with recommendations for the development of an organization model that combines social inclusion, environmental protection and the use of green energy.
Act 8: Preparation of final report on project implementation

Available materials

Brief research study concerning SE in EU, Austria and Serbia including recommendation for excellent model of SE in Novi Sad / Serbia: Study Report

Further information and contact

1. Cluster of Social Entrepreneurship in Vojvodina; Sinisa Tesic;; Tel: +381641584709;
2. GmbH, Georg Richter,; Tel: +436606077575;