Smart economic cooperation empowerment for Bosnian Communities - SMART POWERCOM

Name Smart economic cooperation empowerment for Bosnian Communities - SMART POWERCOM
Country Bosnia and Hercegovina - Federation BiH
Programme Component BACID Fund Call 1 (2015)
Year 2015
Priority Theme Smart City
Topic Smart City - Local economic development
Implementing Organisations E²M Research & Consulting GmbH
Partner Organisations Local Development Agency Cazin
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Objectives and results

The project aims at stressing and presenting potentials of sustainable economic partnerships and investments between companies of the Una-Sana canton in Bosnia and companies from the North and South Tyrol in Austria in order to increase their cooperation, as well as at increasing the capacities of the municipality of Cazin to better highlight regional economic opportunities.
1. Masterplan for economic cooperation developed;
2. Potential sectors of investment/cooperation defined;
3. Public operators of local economic development trained;
4. Regional entrepreneurs integrated and activated for economic cooperation projects;
5. Potentials of investments/cooperations presented to at least 5 Tyrolean companies who have interest in this region.

Implemented activities

1. Preparation workshop with the municipality of Cazin
2: Maximum 2 workshops with selected regional companies (SWOT analysis, development of strategies)
3: Identifying sectors of investment/cooperation
4: Elaboarting smart masterplan
5: Training workshop with the municipality of Cazin
6: Training workshop with selected entrepreneurs

Available materials

Further information and contact

Sabine Richter
CEO E²M | Senior Consultant | Strategic Management & Regional Development
E²M Research & Consulting GmbH

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