SUSTRAIN- SUSTainable urban tRansport best prActices sharINg

Name SUSTRAIN- SUSTainable urban tRansport best prActices sharINg
Country Bosnia and Hercegovina - Republic of Srpska
Programme Component BACID Fund Call 2 (2019)
Year 2020
Priority Theme Sustainable Development Goals"Sustainable Development Goals" is not in the list (EU Integrations, Sustainable City, Smart City, Inclusive City, Quality Management, Public Administration Reform, Digitalisation, Decentralisation) of allowed values for the "Priority Theme" property.
Topic Environmental protection
Implementing Organisations LIR Evolution
Partner Organisations Technische Universität Wien, Institute for transportation, Research Center of Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering
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SUSTRAIN- SUSTainable urban tRansport best prActices sharINg

Project description

The aim of the project is to transfer EU knowledge and best practices in the field of sustainable urban mobility to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through the project, the partners will develop mobility scenarios for the municipalities involved, and through joint cooperation with municipal representatives prepare a new project proposal in the field of urban mobility. LIR Evolution organized training on sustainable urban mobility and transfer of EU best practices for representatives of municipalities and development agencies, who gained new knowledge and experiences. The project contributes to the introduction of more sustainable, safer and more accessible urban mobility practices in the project area.



Objectives and results

The overall objective is to share and transfer Austrian know-how and best practices in the field of sustainable urban mobility to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Specific objectives are:
(1) deliver training session dedicated to local stakeholders,
(2) develop mobility scenarios for four municipalities involved,
(3) prepare joint project application to be submitted to future Call.

Project results:
(1) Training delivered, Austrian know-how and best practices shared (Austrian expert will provide transfer of their know-how and experiences in the field of sustainable urban mobility during training session in BiH. Specifically, the 2-days training session will focus on methodology for mobility scenarios development and existing Austrian best practices transfer),
(2) 10 Municipal officers educated (Local stakeholders working in field of sustainable urban mobility will benefit from new knowledge gained and their skills advancement),
(3) Mobility scenarios for three Municipalities elaborated (Austrian expert will visit again and work one-on-one with Municipal officials and Local expert on development of mobility scenarios. Local expert will under the guidance of Austrian expert draft mobility scenarios),
(4) Project application developed and drafted (Partners will jointly develop project application that will address improvement of sustainable mobility and transportation in municipalities of project area),
(5) 3 promo articles published (Project will be promoted via published articles on online portals and news on social networks. Partners will respect the visibility guidelines and rules provided by the BACID Programme).

Implemented activities

LIR Evolution in collaboration with Austrian expert organized 2-days Training session on Sustainable urban mobility and best practices share. Municipal officers from Gradiska, Laktasi and Derventa were educated and gained new understanding about sustainable urban mobility. Training participants shared with project experts their ideas for development of mobility scenarions for each municipality and drafting an innovative project proposal.

Available materials

Introduction Sustainable Mobility Planning
Best Practices Sustainable Mobility Planning
Sustainable Mobility Project
Scenarios of mobility Derventa
Scenarios of mobility Gradiska
Scenarios of mobility Laktasi

Further information and contact

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