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Peter Vagi

First name Peter
Last name Vagi
Organisation Support for Improvement in Governance and Management (SIGMA)
Country France
Session Towards Public Governance – Improving Public Administration in Europe
Presentation Title Supporting PAR in the Framework of EU-Accession - Lessons learned by SIGMA
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Peter Vagi

Mr Peter Vagi, is a senior adviser of OECD/SIGMA as member of the policy making and strategy and reform teams since May 2014. He is also the SIGMA Country Co-ordinator for Turkey and Egypt. He has led SIGMA support to the development of public administration reform strategies in Albania, Kosovo and recently in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mr Vagi is also running SIGMA support programmes on the policy co-ordination and development areas in Kosovo, Albania, Turkey, as well as in Egypt.

Mr Peter Vagi has over 10 years of experience working in the Hungarian government. Prior to joining SIGMA, he worked as a senior policy expert for the Patriotism and Progress Public Policy Foundation conducting and coordinating research and policy development activities primarily related to social policy, elementary education and public services and their connection to EU policies. He has also worked in the private sector for PriceWaterhouseCoopers as a senior manager leading strategic and business development, notably PwC’s Industry Program in the public, telecom, and banking sectors.

Previously Mr Vagi was the Chief of Staff, Head of the Minister’s Cabinet, of the Hungarian Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement where he coordinated policy programming and strategy, including initiatives related to the police force, detention systems, immigration, human trafficking, anti-corruption legislation, reduction of administrative burdens, and the management of EU funds for public administration and better regulation. He also worked as Chief of staff of the Minister without portfolio in charge of government coordination at the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office, where he coordinated policy programming and strategy, including the reform of the Hungarian public administration, the program for better regulation, the program for fiscal regulation and budgetary reforms.

Mr Vagi, a Hungarian national, holds Master’s degrees in sociology from Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE, Budapest) and political science from the Central European University (CEU, Hungary).

Supporting PAR in the Framework of EU-Accession - Lessons learned by SIGMA (PDF)