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NEWS FROM PARTNERS: Request for European municipal expertise in Burkina Faso and Uganda


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NEWS FROM PARTNERS: Request for European municipal expertise in Burkina Faso and Uganda


The CONNECT team announces two new opportunities to exchange expertise among colleagues: based on their concrete requests for assistance,
CONNECT has selected the municipality of Ziniaré (Burkina Faso) and the Moroto District (Uganda) to receive a one-time, short-term interventions
from a European local or regional authority in Spring 2018. The applications should be sent before March 19, 2018.

CONNECT acts as a catalyst for change by bringing demand together with supply.
The colleague-to-colleague approach generates immediate trust and understanding – and great results.
For a short introduction to the CONNECT mechanism,
please watch this =>

CONNECT’s added value
The PLATFORMA network ( has years of experience with exchanges among municipal colleagues,
and with great success. CONNECT complements existing forms of decentralised cooperation.
The short-term exchanges are a good entry point into decentralised cooperation – and a first step towards new partnerships.
They are also great learning experiences for the European participants, as demonstrated by last years’ exchanges in Colombia, Cambodia and Ghana.

“ You get a different perspective on how to address and tackle issues in service delivery for local governments” – Sigrún Arnadóttir, Mayor of Sandgerdi, Iceland

Please note for the mission in Uganda you need to speak English, and for the exchange in Burkina Faso - French.

The interested municipalities must respond with a feasible approach, aligned with the needs and context of the municipalities in Uganda and Burkina Faso.
CONNECT’s selection committee will then try to create a good match with the requesting municipalities.

Further information ==> CONNECT