Land Management and Taxation in South-East Europe

Name Land Management and Taxation in South-East Europe
Country The whole region
Programme Component BACID Fund Call 1 (2015)
Year 2015
Priority Theme Smart City
Topic Smart City - Spatial Planning
Implementing Organisations Austrian Institute for Spatial Planning (OIR)
Partner Organisations NALAS (Network of Associations of Local Authorities from South-East Europe)
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Land Management and Taxation in South-East Europe

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Objectives and results

The aim of the action is to raise capacities of municipal and local government associations' experts.
It will be achieved through building EU knolwledge and improving practices in municipal land management and taxation.

Implemented activities

1: Providing input for and organisation of a workshop
2: Elaboration of Report with analytical part and policy recommendations
3: Dissemination of results

Available materials

More information about the workshop available at:
Produced publication: Land management and taxation practices

Further information and contact

Dr. Erich Dallhammer
Managing Director

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