Equal Opportunities - Gender Equality; SME business support for Women

Name Equal Opportunities - Gender Equality; SME business support for Women
Country Serbia
Programme Component BACID Fund Call 3 (2016)
Year 2016
Priority Theme Inclusive City
Topic Inclusive City - Equal opportunities
Implementing Organisations SA Consulting GmbH
Partner Organisations Creative Industries Cluster of Vojvodina (KVIK); Regional Agency for Development SME Alma Mons Novi Sad
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Objectives and results

The objective of the action is to support women enterpreneurs, underrepresented in the business world; twith information, know how generation and discussion about starting the business, expanding the business and financing the business.

The result of the action will be a developed paper containing used materials during the sessions; with focus on SME business start up, business expansion and business financing; adressing special situation of women in SME businesses.

Implemented activities

Act. 1: Arrangement of a Seminar & Workshop with participation of all partners
Act. 2: Seminar session with introduction into business start up, business development, SME Business, Women as Enterpreneurs Infos
Act. 3: Training on SME Financing,e.g. introduction to finasncing instruments, fundraising capacities, access to finance for SME's
Act. 4: Workshop on SME and Female Enterpreneurs based on EU programs, e.g. COSME, Horizon 2020, etc.
Act 5: Paper development and Material distribution

Available materials

Further information and contact

Gerhard Sabathiel
SA Consulting GmbH
General Manager
email. mailto:g.sabathiel@s-a-consulting.com

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