Community TV goes Serbia

Name Community TV goes Serbia
Country Serbia
Programme Component BACID Fund Call 3 (2016)
Year 2016
Priority Theme Inclusive City
Topic Inclusive City - Civil society participation
Implementing Organisations Community TV GmbH
Partner Organisations Faculty of Media and Comunications
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Community TV goes Serbia

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Objectives and results

The objective of the action is to transfer know-how on establishing and functionning of Community TV, as support to citizens participation.

It will be done through:
1. Strengthening, mentoring and supporting the Faculty of Media and Comunications (FMK) in the field of media excellence 2. Providing training and consultations concerning feasibility of community TV in Serbia 3. Production of a video documentary about feasibility of community TV in Serbia.

Implemented activities

Act. 1: Expert Support and Mentoring
Act. 2: Workshops and training
Act. 3: Pre- Production and Postproduction of a video documentary

Available materials

Further information and contact

Mag. Christian Jungwirth, MBA
Community TV

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