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Commons in Practice

Name Commons in Practice
Country Albania
Programme Component BACID Fund Call 3 (2020)
Year 2021
Priority Theme Sustainable Development Goals
Topic Economic and social development
Implementing Organisations Eutropian GmbH
Partner Organisations Udhetim i Lire - Liberi di Viaggiare
Last update 1. 7. 2021 by Pichler
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Project description

Commons in Practice was a project which developed a unique way of approaching the topic of Urban Commons in the Durrës Municipality of Albania. The BACID funded project involved experts from Eutropian, local partners in Durres, the municipality and stakeholders. The project was initially developed as an exchange project, but due to the travel restrictions and limitations posed by the current pandemic, it had to be moved online. Over a series of interactive online sessions, Eutropian experts provided a transfer of know-how and a summary of good practices. The examples focused on successful cooperation between public authorities and other relevant local stakeholders such as scholars, communities and local businesses. Project experts presented best-practice examples of Urban Commons use around Europe and proposed alternative solutions on how urban-civic partnerships can be built to last.



Objectives and results

The project goal is to bring a new way of thinking on urban commons in Durres Municipality through transferring know-how, good practices to public authorities and other relevant local stakeholders such as scholars, communities and local businesses


  • During the three online workshops, best practice examples were presented and an online game was played with local stakeholders. The results, although fictional, can nevertheless be applied or adapted to the local context of Durres and can serve as a starting point for projects in the region. Through the presented best-practice cases, know-how was transferred that could ultimately serve as a jumping board towards the establishment of unique projects in the region. All the Data be available online with others Documents related to the topic of the project.
  • Knowledge transferred to local authorities on best practices on local urban development;
  • Creation of sustainable and collaborative economies, valorisation of local public assets, inclusion and non-discrimination of social minorities, enhancement of youth entrepreneurship, awareness towards environmental issues and solidarity ;
  • Increased opportunities for local stakeholders to fulfill the needs of their communities.

Implemented activities

  • Act. 1: Data collection and mapping: Primary and secondary data collection, includes: a. Observations, b. Literature studies on the urban related phenomenon, c. Realization of formal and informal interviews with the government officers and urbanites are deemed vital to enrich the information
  • Act. 2: Data analyzing: The experts of the project will prepare the guideline. They will put the information together and propose alternative solutions on how urban-civic partnerships can be built to last. Also they will include good practices from Austria as successful models that can be replicated in the Albanian context.
  • Act. 3: A three day workshop. The workshop will be held with stakeholders from Durrës, enabling a transfer of knowledge between the Austrian experts and the municipality and NGOs of Durrës. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, project workshops had to be moved online"
  • Act. 4: Innovative Element: During the 3 day workshop Viennese expertise was brought to Durrës, serving as a gate to set up a central contact point dedicated to the building of urban-civic partnerships in the municipality. The development of an interactive online board game could help inspire new ideas for the region as the municipality continues to explore new ways of utilizing unused spaces and sites and fostering social inclusion and participatory practices in the area.

Available materials

Publication Commons in Practice - Revitalizing urban heritage through gaming
Workshop 1
Workshop 2
Workshop 3
Workshop 4

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