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CAF - Statistics Institute of the Republic of Srpska

Name CAF - Statistics Institute of the Republic of Srpska
Country Bosnia and Hercegovina - Republic of Srpska
Programme Component Danube Governance Hub
Year 2019
Priority Theme EU Integrations
Topic EU Integrations
Implementing Organisations Statistics Institute of the Republic of Srpska
Partner Organisations Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA)
Last update 15. 3. 2021 by Giebhart

CAF - Statistics Institute of the Republic of Srpska

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Objectives and results

The mission of the Institute of Statistics is to provide reliable, high-quality, comprehensive, timely and internationally comparable statistical data, which meet the requirements of decision-makers, researchers and other domestic and international users, while at the same time presenting the situation and changes in the economic, demographic and social area, environment protection and natural resources. Collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of statistical data are carried out in accordance with statistical and modern technology, respecting the protection of statistical confidentiality, optimal use of resources and sensible burden on respondents.

The main tasks of the organisation are:

- Production, processing and keeping of statistical data and information
- Coordination of statistical activities
- Development and improvement of statistical activities
- European integration and international cooperation
- Provision and dissemination of statistical data
- Inclusion of AQUIS in the statistical practice
- Realisation of the recommendation given in the Global Assessment of the Statistical System in BH

Within its strategic framework and scope of activities following objectives and results should be reached with implementing CAF in the Statistics Institute of the Republic of Srpska:

(1) to perform the CAF in accordance with the European requirements of the CAF Quality Label
(2) to deepen practical knowledge of the employees of the Statistics Institute with the principles of quality management
(3) to develop the strengths, weaknesses and improvement measures of the Statistics Institute in a self-assessment process with the employees / self-assessment-group
(4) on the basis of a structured action-plan to implement sustainable improvement actions and strengthen the total quality management culture in the Statistics Institute
(5) enabling the Statistics Institute to implement CAF by themselves.

Implemented activities

  • CAF Training – October 2018
  • CAF Consensus Workshop – January 2019
  • CAF Action Plan Workshop – April 2019

Available materials

Further information and contact

Thomas Prorok, Philip Parzer,