CAF - General of the Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro

Name CAF - General of the Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro
Country Montenegro
Programme Component Danube Governance Hub
Year 2019
Priority Theme EU Integrations
Topic EU Integrations
Implementing Organisations General of the Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro
Partner Organisations ReSPA - Regional School of Public Administration
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Objectives and results

The Directorate for Good Public Administration and Activities of Non-governmental Organisations is a recently established directorate in the Montenegro Ministry of Public Administration. Its mission it the development and improvement of the quality of work of public administration as well as the improvement of cooperation between state administration bodies and NGOs. The directorate is structured in three Directions: Direction for managing and monitoring the process of public administration reform, Direction for cooperation with NGOs and Direction for registration, record of NGOs and political parties, with 12 employees in total. Bearing in mind a devotion for the successful implementation of the public administration reform and the fact, that the whole new team of employees is involved, this project will be very useful for improving public services as well. Within its strategic framework and scope of activities, following objectives and results should be reached with implementing CAF in the Ministry of Public Administration (MPA) – to be defined:
(1) to perform the CAF in accordance with the European requirements of the CAF Quality Label.
(2) to deepen practical knowledge of the employees of the CAF-SAG in the MPA with the principles of quality management.
(3) to develop the strengths, weaknesses and improvement measures of the MPA in a self-assessment process with the employees / self-assessment-group.
(4) on the basis of a structured action-plan to implement sustainable improvement actions and strengthen the total quality management culture in the MPA.
(5) Enabling the CAF-SAG of the MPA to implement CAF by themselves.

Implemented activities

  • CAF-Training – 20th/21st of February 2019
  • CAF Consensus Workshop – April 2019
  • CAF Action Plan Workshop – June 2019

Available materials


Further information and contact

Thomas Prorok, Philip Parzer,

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