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Building planning capacities in Urban Ecosystem Services for Kolašin

Name Building planning capacities in Urban Ecosystem Services for Kolašin
Country Montenegro
Programme Component BACID Fund Call 3 (2020)
Year 2021
Priority Theme Sustainable Development Goals"Sustainable Development Goals" is not in the list (EU Integrations, Sustainable City, Smart City, Inclusive City, Quality Management, Public Administration Reform, Digitalisation, Decentralisation) of allowed values for the "Priority Theme" property.
Topic Environmental protection
Implementing Organisations Municipality of Kolašin
Partner Organisations Studio SYNTHESIS architecture & design
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Project description

The project aimed to build planning capacities in the field of ecosystem services for the local municipality of Kolasin and the concerned stakeholders on a currently running project. A workshop was a central part of the project. It entailed a state-of-the-art review of planning approaches and tools as well as a joint review of the currently developed spatial-urban development plan for Kolašin, discussing how the plan can be enhanced further integrating ecosystem-based sustainable development principles, as a basis for climate adaptation, public participation and catalysation of socio-economic growth in terms of green tourism.



Objectives and results

1. State-of-the art and next practice review of urban ecosystem services in urban planning practice and exclusive brochure on the theme
2. The workshop created a common understanding of all involved stakeholders on the advantages of cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral discussion in urban planning, focusing on natural assets as a common good and their adequate protection and utilization as a common goal
3. Understanding of a need to evaluate the impacts of urbanization on biodiversity and ecosystems as well as the potential benefits from ecosystem restoration in urban areas
4. The key challenges of the current planning process were elaborated together with the stakeholders- creating clear focus for the next planning phase
5. Overview on which type of methods, process and distinct digital tools (e.g. real-time impact assessment tool, whole lifecycle simulation and design validation tool) can be employed in order to quantify urban ecosystem services and integrate them into ongoing planning exercises, as conditions for informed and evidence-based decision making
6. An outline of a blueprint for the ministry to further strengthen urban ecosystem approaches for other regional planning procedures was laid out
7. The workshop results directly informed the ongoing planning process with potential application cases (e.g. urban waterfront adaptive strategies for Resilient river park "Breza") and practical next steps

Implemented activities

1: Expert Lecture Inputs on Urban Ecosystem Services and sustainable Urban development
2: Review-Workshop on the Urban Development of Kolašin in preparation
3: Stakeholder Meeting defining next steps
4: Public Forum with press conference: Adjusted to e-dissemination of results and broschure

Available materials


Further information and contact

Nikolas Neubert, Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT)