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Stefan August Lütgenau

First name Stefan August
Last name Lütgenau
Organisation Foster Europe, Foundation for strong European Regions
Country Austria
Session Practice Session 4 - Civil Society as Partner of Public Governance
Presentation Title Moderator
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Stefan August Lütgenau

a historian by education, has been active in the areas of détente history, diplomatic history, Holocaust Era Assets in the Bruno Kreisky Archives Foundation (1988-2004) and provenience research in the Austrian Commission for Provenance Research (2006-2009).

Stefan has worked in international human rights protection and international development cooperation (Middle East, Western Sahara, Brazil). Since 1997 he has been active in establishing civil society networks in Austria, the Euro-Med region and the Danube region.

2009 Stefan became founding director of Foster Europe, Foundation for strong European Regions, an independent, non partisan, private, and charitable Austrian Foundation to further federalism, regional decentralisation, and rural development in Europe.

2011 he was elected founding president of the Danube Civil Society Forum in the Danube Strategy, re-elected 2013.