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Rudolf Schicker

First name Rudolf
Last name Schicker
Twitter @RudiSCHICKER
Organisation Coordinator of PA 10 of the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region
Country Austria
Session Panel Discussion - Public Administration Reform as key for the EU enlargement process
Presentation Title Moderator
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Rudolf Schicker

Born 1952 in Vienna

Studies: Technical University Vienna: Geodesy, Urban and Regional Planning

Graduated 1976 from the Institute of Financial Sciences and Infrastructure Policy,

Master Thesis: “Structural Impact of Shopping Malls in the Periphery of Cities”

2016….Coordinator Priority Area 10, Institutional Capacity and Cooperation of European Strategy for the Danube Region

2011 – 2015….Chairman of the Social-Democratic Group in Vienna’s City Council and Regional Assembly

2001 – 2010….Deputy Mayor (”executive City Councilor”) for Urban Development, Transport and Traffic in the City of Vienna

1994 – 2001…Member of the City Council of Vienna and the Viennese Regional Assembly

1988 – 2001…Secretary General of ÖROK (Austrian Conference on Spatial Planning)

1978 – 1987…Senior official, Department for Regional Planning, Federal Chancellery Austria

1976 – 1978…Consultant ÖIR (Austrian Institute for Spatial Planning)