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Naim Ismajli

First name Naim
Last name Ismajli
Twitter @nalas eu
Organisation President of NALAS and Mayor of Shtime Municipality, Kosovo
Country The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Session Practice Session 2 - Better Services through Strong Cities
Presentation Title NALAS Contribution to Stronger Cities in the Western Balkans
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Naim Ismajli

Mr. Naim Ismajli is the NALAS President, Mayor of Shtime Municipality and President of the Board of the Association of Kosovo Municipalities.

Mr Ismajli has been elected a Mayor of Municipality of Shtime since 2017 and is now serving his second term. He has also worked as Chief Executive Officer and Director of the Agriculture, Forestry and Environment Department in the Municipality of Shtime. Beofre joining the local government, Mr. Ismajli has started his professional career in the education sector, working as a professor and deputy director of a School.

Mr. Ismajli has graduated at the Faculty of Economy in Pristina, at the Department of Management and Informatics, and has in 2008 defended his master thesis in developing a local development strategy.