NALAS Digitalisation Working Group - Study Visit in Linz and Vienna

Name NALAS Digitalisation Working Group - Study Visit in Linz and Vienna
Country The whole region
Programme Component NALAS Decentralisation and Digitalization
Year 2023
Priority Theme Digitalisation
Implementing Organisations
Partner Organisations KDZ - Centre for Public Administration Research
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NALAS Digitalisation Working Group - Study Visit in Linz and Vienna

Project description

On December 5th and 6th, 2023, the Study Visit organized as part of the BACID III project by NALAS and KDZ took place in Linz and Vienna. Over these two days, the NALAS Digitalisation Working Group, comprising experts and representatives from cities and local government associations in the Western Balkans 6 and Moldova, convened in Vienna for an enriching exchange.

The Study Visit started in Linz at the Innovationshauptplatz der Stadt Linz, where participants learned about Linz's citizen participation projects and the Innovation Lab initiatives, as well as the importance of Open Data in Linz and the effective integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) through LinzGPT. The visit continued with an interesting guided tour of Ars Electronica, a cutting-edge creativity and technology hub, and an engaging workshop on Artificial Intelligence, which offered new perspectives and insights into the realm of AI.

The second day featured a guided exploration of Seestadt Aspern in Vienna, one of the most ambitious urban development project in Europe and, in the afternoon, the group immersed itself in discussions on Vienna's smart climate city strategy and several digitalisation projects that are ongoing or are being piloted. The session saw the presentation of new initiatives by working group participants, and ended with an interesting presentation on competency check and the importance of upskilling the labour force.

New activities are planned for the Digitalisation Working Group for 2024.



Implemented activities

Study Visit:

  • December 5th - 6th, 2023
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