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Mojmir Mrak

First name Mojmir
Last name Mrak
Twitter @CEF Ljubljana
Organisation Center of Excellence in Finance (CEF)
Country Slovenia
Session Practice Session 1 - Strengthening Public Finance Governance in South Eastern Europe: Complementing National and Sub-National Levels
Presentation Title Successful Public Finance Knowledge Sharing: the Case of Strategic Planning and Budgeting Project
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Mojmir Mrak

Mojmir Mrak is a Jean Monnet professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He has more than 20 years of experience in designing and implementing the Slovenian government’s policy in international finance and EU accession. At the CEF, Mr. Mrak lectures and delivers workshops on Instruments for Pre-Accession Assistance. He also facilitated discussions on the inclusion of structural reforms and policy coordination of medium-term fiscal and economic planning for the CEF’s Building Capacities in Policy Design and Implementation (BCPDI) program. Within the BCPDI, he was an advisor for the EU funded Strategic Planning and Budgeting project; for the Fiscal Impact Assessment of Structural Reforms project, he chaired a working group and co-edited the project’s final publication.