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Lejla Resic

First name Lejla
Last name Resic
Organisation Minister of Administration and Local Self-Government, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Session Practice Session 3 - Modern Human Resource Management for Better Public Governance
Presentation Title Modernisation of Civil Service in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Lejla Resic

Lejla Rešić, as a graduated journalist, worked a series of tasks and activities in the capacity of journalist and editor in the public service in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Most of these tasks related to the monitoring and analysis of the adoption of regulations at the state, national and local level. In particular, she has been responsible for monitoring the work of the executive authorities and the analysis of decision-making in government and parliament, as well as the dynamics of the implementation of these decisions.

As the Minister of Administration and Local Self-Government of the Republic of Srpska, from the beginning of 2011, participates in the development and implementation of the highest acts in the field of public administration and public administration reform, and in particular she is engaged in finding modalities for the convergence of public administration to citizens and establishing mechanisms of modern public administration. She is also strongly committed to decentralization and strengthening of local government capacities of municipalities and cities, as local communities are closest to the citizens and their needs. All activities are aimed at creating an economically strong regions that will host investors and improve the position of local communities.

In order to respond better to these tasks Lejla Rešić has focused her further education on certain matters from the field of diplomacy in the meaning of the constitutional, legal and political system of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the situation of local communities in that system with the analysis of the situation of local communities in the European Union.