Dragutin Djekovic

First name Dragutin
Last name Djekovic
Organisation Capital City of Podgorica, Montenegro
Website http://www.podgorica.me/en
Country Montenegro
Session Practice Session 2 - Better Services through Strong Cities
Presentation Title Municipal Finances: How to Do Investments
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Dragutin Djekovic

Dragutin Drago Djekovic is a Head Manager of the City of Podgorica. Previously, he has been European and International Advisor in the LGA (Local Government Association of England and Wales), based in London, director of the Local Democracy Agency, a local development organisation that worked under the auspices of the Council of Europe in Montenegro, as well as founder and the Coordinator of the Nansen Dialogue Centre.

Drago’s current responsibilities include strategic design and management of Podgorica capital projects, international cooperation and overall project coordination in the City.


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