Certified External CAF Feedback Expert (EFAC) Training

Name Certified External CAF Feedback Expert (EFAC) Training
Country The whole region
Programme Component Regional Quality Management Centre (RQMC) of ReSPA
Year 2023
Priority Theme
Topic EFAC Training
Implementing Organisations
Partner Organisations KDZ - Centre for Public Administration Research
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Certified External CAF Feedback Expert (EFAC) Training

Project description

Professional External Feedback Actors (EFACs) are experts in the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) who conduct the Professional External Feedback Procedure (PEF) to grant the CAF Label, certifying excellent Public Administrations using the Common Assessment Framework to continuously improve public services. On October 2nd and 3rd, 2023, the last EFAC training module took place in Vienna, successfully certifying 11 new EFAC colleagues. During this module, participants engaged in a practical CAF Feedback scenario, was involved in and experienced the whole CAF Feedback Process and received feedback on a prepared CAF case, gaining valuable insights for their future CAF Feedback Procedures.

Objectives and results

The main tasks and objectives of EFACs are:

  • Delivering PEF procedures according to the common standards.
  • Assessing the effective implementation of the CAF in the organisation.
  • Assessing the Maturity Level of Public Administrations - Leadership, Result Orientation, People, Processes, Innovation etc.
  • Giving Professional External Feedback for the further development of CAF organisations, by providing their professional view, insights and highlighting the fields of improvement on the ground of the CAF excellence standards.

Implemented activities

Certified External CAF Feedback Expert (EFAC) Training - October 2nd - 3rd, 2023

Further information and contact

Philip Parzer: parzer@kdz.or.at

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