CAF - Regional School of Public Administration - ReSPA

Name CAF - Regional School of Public Administration - ReSPA
Country Montenegro
Programme Component Regional Quality Management Centre (RQMC) of ReSPA
Year 2023
Priority Theme Quality Management
Topic CAF - Common Assessment Framework
Implementing Organisations ReSPA - Regional School of Public Administration
Partner Organisations KDZ - Centre for Public Administration Research
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CAF - Regional School of Public Administration - ReSPA

About the organisation

The Regional School of Public Administration (ReSPA) is a regional organisation established in 2010 as a joint initiative financed by European Commission and Western Balkan administrations. It is managed and governed by five ReSPA Members: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, while Kosovo is beneficiary. As a regional hub, ReSPA aims at helping public administrations to find an effective and sustainable way to reform processes and institutions in public administration according to principles of Public Administration Reform (PAR) and EU Integration (EUI). Special emphasis is devoted to: policy planning, better regulation, and coordination of the Centre of Government; European integration and accession negotiations (with specific reference to PAR and governance aspects); human resources management and professional development; Service Delivery (digitalization, quality management, targeting horizontal simplification of the administrative procedures). The Regional Quality Management Centre (RQMC) of ReSPA has been providing regional expertise and assistance in the institutionalisation of Qualitiy Management models & instruments, primarily CAF.

In 2018, "CAF 2013" was introduced in ReSPA and in 2020 the organisation was awarded the CAF Effective User Label. To continuously improve the organization, in 2023 ReSPA entered a second cycle of CAF, with the aim of further developing the overall work of the organization.



Objectives and results

ReSPA decided to implement the Common Assessment Framework CAF aimed at improving the quality of the organisation's overall work in order to:

  • Perform the CAF in accordance with the European requirements of the Effective CAF User Label.
  • Deepen the practical knowledge of the employees of the CAF- Self Assessment Group in ReSPA with the principles of quality management.
  • Define the strengths, improvement areas and improvement actions of ReSPA in a self-assessment process with the employees / self-assessment-group.
  • Implement sustainable improvement actions and strengthen the total quality management culture in ReSPA.
  • Reinforce ReSPA to implement CAF on its own in the future.
  • Enable ReSPA to design future activities linking CAF activities with other ReSPA / RQMC programme activities.

Implemented activities

So far, the following activities were set up to implement the CAF program in ReSPA:

  • CAF Training – March 14th, 2023
  • CAF Consensus Workshop – May 9th -10th, 2023
  • CAF Improvement Plan Workshop – June 27th, 2023

Based on the agreed CAF Improvement Plan, the improvement activities (8 CAF Packages) will be implemented by the end of 2025, under the supervision of the ReSPA CAF Program Manager Olivera Damjanovic:

Further information and contact

Philip Parzer:

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