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3rd edition of the NALAS Statistical Brief

Name 3rd edition of the NALAS Statistical Brief
Country The whole region
Programme Component NALAS Decentralisation and Digitalization
Year 2023
Priority Theme Decentralisation
Topic Public Administration Reform
Implementing Organisations NALAS - Network of Associations of Local Authorities of the South-East Europe
Partner Organisations
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Last update 7. 9. 2023 by Calzola

Project description

The 3rd edition of the NALAS Statistical Brief: Local Government Finance Indicators in South-East Europe is an ongoing effort of NALAS’ Fiscal Decentralisation Task Force to provide policy-makers and analysts with timely, accurate, reliable and comparable data on local government finance in South-East Europe. The 3rd edition of the NALAS Statistical Brief provides updated data and indicators at country and regional level on the status of LG finance in SEE for 2021. The brief is in the format of a booklet containing regional graphs and tables and country chapters and tables. Compared to the first two editions, new charts and tables have been introduced to better utilize the data and make them available to a larger audience as well as a new chapter, charts and tables on Austrian municipal finances. The statistical brief also offers the opportunity to make a comparison with the year 2020, when local governments were hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The brief will be published by the end of September.