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Networking for sustainable cities

Name Networking for sustainable cities
Country Serbia
Programme Component BACID Fund Call 1 (2018)
Year 2019
Priority Theme Sustainable Development Goals
Topic Environmental sustainability
Implementing Organisations Faculty of Engineering, University of Kragujevac, Serbia
Partner Organisations GmbH, Vienna, Austria
Last update 24. 5. 2019 by Giebhart

Project description

Establishing cooperation between related institutions. A mutual understanding of the method of work, the exchange of experiences and the sharing of know-how accumulated in both institutions during the previous period. Defining points that are of mutual interest and which will form the basis for future cooperation concerning sustainable development of cities, educational projects that would support development of cities based on social, environmental and economic factors, with special focus on cities' energy policy.



Objectives and results

Dissemination of acquired know-how through the existing network of partners in Serbia and Austria
- The long-term cooperation of the applicant organization and partner organization Achieved
- Joint application for EU and other funds
- Improved awareness on cities sustainable development

Implemented activities

April 2nd 2019. – Kick-off meeting during which definition of activities and tasks of the project & responsibilities are clarified. Time–plan for visitation of IPCenter members to Serbia is confirmed (28th May – 30th May). Other activities yet to be conducted.

Available materials

ONGOING project, materials yet to be made.

Further information and contact

Davor Končalović, assistant professor, University of Kragujevac