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Danube Governance Hub


Overview of the Governance Forum

The second pillar of the BACID programme, Governance Forum, is connected with the Urban Platform Danube Region of the EU Strategy of Danube Region (EUSDR) and its Pillar 10: Institutional Capacity Building. Pillar 10 of the EUSDR is coordinated by the CIty of Vienna and the Center of Excellence in Finance from Ljubljana. Information about implemented Forums shall be published at the page Events.

This programme component includes two main instruments 1) Governance Forum and 2) Sustainable Mentoring Support. The BACID Programme foresees organisation of 2 Governance forums with representatives of various stakeholders from the Danube region on the topics rellated to the Public Governance issues. Discussions during forums will lead to setting up guidelines on the tackled priority topic. Sustainable mentoring support foresees implementation of 8 mentoring, one per each programme target country - for more information, please see the page Mentoring.