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Tool:CAF - Common Assessment Framework

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Improving Public Organisations through Self-Assessment: The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) was launched as the first European quality management instrument specifically tailored for and developed by the public sector itself. It is a general, simple, accessible and easy-to-use model for all public sector rganisations across Europe, and deals with all aspects of organisational excellence. Source:

Tool details

Name CAF - Common Assessment Framework
Type Assessment
Tool topic Quality management & Citizen orientation, Organsation & Development, Performance management
Keywords Self Asssessment, Network, development of organisational structure
Institution CAF Ressource Center - European Institute of Public Administration, EIPA (European Institute of Public Administration), EUPAN - european public administration network
Department EIPA (European Institute of Public Administration)
Year -"-" is not a number.
Target group national, regional, local
Related File CAF_2013.pdf
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