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'''When can I apply for the maximum amount of 10,000 euro?''' ''This does not apply to the third Call!''<br />
'''What is the maximum grant amount?''' <br />
Only activities that are used as seed funding can be awarded max. 10,000 euro. All other projects can only be funded up to 6,000 euro.  
For the third call 8,000 euro is now available for all projects. There is no separate seed funding opportunity anymore.  

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I am an organization from the Region, do I need a partner organization from Austria?
Yes, at least one organization of the partnership needs to be registered as a legal person or private / public entity in Austria.

I have an idea but need a partner organization, how can I find one?
One possibility is to look through the past BACID Fund grantees in the Activities section of this website. Another possibility to look for Austrian NGOs on the platform Finally, KDZ and the Austrian Association of Cities and Towns can forward requests in their network and support connecting of partners.

I am a city / municipal administration, how do I determine the date of establishment?
If it is evident that your city or municipality was founded more than 12 months before the Call, fill in the requested field with "established 12 months before the Call"

What is the maximum grant amount?
For the third call 8,000 euro is now available for all projects. There is no separate seed funding opportunity anymore.

What is considered as seed funding? This does not apply to the third Call!
To qualify for seed funding, concrete follow-up funding programmes must be specified (e.g. EC programme, governmental programme, other donors’ calls for proposals, or similar) in the Application Form. Activities that are accepted as preparation for follow-up funding are the development of project ideas through workshops, implementation of small-scale pilot activities, as well as the preparation of studies, analyses or applications for identified potential funding.

Where can I find the Budget Template?
The Budget Template is merged in one Excel file of the Application Form. This Excel file contains in total 3 sheets that need to be filled out completely: Instructions & checklist, Action presentation & report, Action budget & financial report.

Do I need to send Expert CVs?
All Expert CVs must be handed in with the Application package before the deadline. Missing Expert CVs leads to elimination in the evaluation phase. This is a new requirement in the second and third BACID Call.

I have been granted BACID funds in the first Call twice, once as Partner and once as Applicant. Can I apply again?
One entity cannot be granted funds more than twice within the whole BACID Cycle. It does not matter if you were Partner or Applicant. This has been specified more clearly in the new Guidelines.

Is there a minimum amount of own contributions?
There is no specific amount to be guaranteed in your own contributions. However, the Applicant and Partners are taking the commitment to cover all costs additionally identified as necessary for the implementation of the action by signing the Partnership agreement.

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